The Career Skills Project ends today

Today is the last day of the Career Skills Project. It’s been 3 years since we started this ambitious, challenging, and successful initiative, and looking back to see what we leave behind makes us satisfied and proud. 

Our main product – the Career Skills Platform is a European online space, devoted to explaining, developing, and supporting career management skills in the lifespan. The platform has attracted 18 890 unique visitors, including 850 registered users who benefit from the whole range of tools, that will remain freely available until the end of 2025.

The Career Skills Catalogue explains the 12 career management competencies we identified as key the successful personal and professional fulfillment. A structured framework describes how different levels of skills – Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced – are demonstrated and the assessment tool makes it easy for anyone to determine their own skill level.

We developed a massive open online course (MOOC) that has helped hundreds of users of all ages improve their key career skills. The 12 modules contain 360 exercises and are designed for all ages – from students to senior professionals, with a varied approach and individual pace of learning.

We trained 247 trainers and piloted the MOOC with 568 learners, 96% of whom provide very positive feedback on the practical approach, diversity of tasks, and learning approaches, as well as on the useful resources in the MOOC. In addition to it, we collected a rich pool of useful videos on the Career Skills YouTube channel. 

The free online map of career services includes over 540 registered career counselors and organizations. The map connects clients who need help finding a job or career change with those who offer a qualified career service. 

The Network section allows career advisors to share their initiatives and good practices with the community of practitioners and with the broader public.

The Career Skills project has been promoted in 76 events, with 4133 participants, and reached 385 432 individuals through the information campaign. We collected expert tips on career skills development from 75 recognized experts. 140 policy experts and stakeholders supported the implementation of the project, and 750 individuals followed our Facebook page.

The project has been implemented by in Bulgaria, University of Jyväskylä – Jyväskylän yliopisto in Finland, Réseau International des Cités des métiers in France, Internationale Projekte – Volkshochschule im Landkreis Cham e.V. in Germany, IED Institute of Entrepreneurship Development in Greece and Aspire-igen Group in the UK.

Here is part of the team that has been involved in the implementation of the project: Nevena Rakovska, Gergana Rakovska, Jaana Kettunen, Raimo Vuorinen, Athina Daldogiannou, Natasha Pristrom, Michael Miller, Aleksandra Sikorska, Benjamin Dumont, Antoine Beillevaire, Alexandra Chimona, Andrew Stapelton.

We would like to THANK YOU – career counselors, clients, learners, partners, experts, and stakeholders – for the great support and encouraging feedback! The show must go on!

The Career Skills Project is a Forward-Looking Cooperation Project, funded with the support of the European Commission, No: 612877-EPP-1-2019-1-BG-EPPKA3-PI-FORWARD.

Online partner meeting

The Career Skills partnership met remotely on 29.09.2020 to check the progress and plan its activities in the next months.

Till now the partnership has launched the English version of the Career Skills platform which contains:

  • The online Map of career guidance services through which those who need career support can find the most suitable services in proximity.
  • The Career Skills Catalogue which explains 12 key career management skills and allows users to assess their own level.
  • The Career Skills Network will serve for sharing news, good practices, innovative tools, and useful resources.

The partners have conducted piloting research among career guidance experts and professionals in each country and have collected some feedback and useful recommendations.

The platform will be translated in all project partners’ languages and will be officially presented in each country by the end of the year.

Then the partners will also develop a Career Skills open online course (MOOC) in which users will be able to improve their career management skills.

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Career Skills Newsletter 1 and survey

Check out the Career Skills Project first newsletter and take part in our online survey for existing Career Management Skills frameworks and assessment tools on a national level.

If you are a career guidance professional, please take a minute to share your contribution with us!

Career Skills Kick-off Meeting

The Business Foundation for Education hosted the kick-off meeting of the Career Skills Project, which took place in Sofia, on January 14th-15th.

This year we will elaborate on the Career Skills Catalogue and conduct research among career experts and practitioners. The Career Skills platform and the Career Service Map will be launched. The results will be presented publicly at the end of 2020.

Coordinators meeting

The chairperson of the Business Foundation for Education attended the Coordinators’ meeting organized by the European Commission in Brussels on January 12-13. Mrs Gergana Rakovska presented the objectives and activities of the Career Skills Project to colleagues from across Europe.

The Career Skills Projects started

The KA3 initiative is coordinated by the Business Foundation for Education in Bulgaria and involves the Finnish Institute for Educational Research with the University of Jyvaskyla, the Réseau International des Cités des Métiers in France, VHS-Cham in Germany, the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development in Greece, and Aspire-igen in the UK.

In the next 3 years we will launch a European Career Skills Platform, which will help people understand, assess and upgrade their career management competencies and find support in an online map of career services.

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