• The project coordinator Business Foundation for Education is a recognized leader in lifelong learning and career guidance in Bulgaria, whose innovative initiatives have large impact on citizens’ employability and competitiveness.
  • The Finnish Institute for Educational Research with the University of Jyvaskyla has in-depth expertise in career guidance and key role in policy development as coordinator of the ELGPN network.
  • Resau des Cites des Metiers – France: with its international network, comprising 33 information and counselling units in 9 countries, RICDM is acknowledged provider of career guidance support on regional level, benefitting thousands of citizens with different age, background and walks of life.
  • Volkshochschule im Landkreis Cham e.V. is an adult education centre in Bavaria, Germany, that has vast experience in provision and delivery of quality education and training for various target groups, developing methodologies for open educational resources and programs supporting individual employability and career fulfilment.
  • The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development is a Greek organisation committed to the promotion of innovation and the enhancing of the entrepreneurial spirit. it has been involced in more than 100 projects addressing citizens’ competitiveness, career guidance, development of innovative educational resource and policy networking and consultations.
  • Aspire-Igen group – UK is the largest careers and training organisation in the Yorkshire region and the UK Euroguidance centre, part of a large network active in 34 countries and involving national resource and information centres for guidance.
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